190K MRR in first months, tt/ig marketing, Shady Marketing and more

2 July 2024
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๐Ÿ‘€ Disclaimer

We've done our maximum of finding any info of success of this app. There are no info from Founders y etc. 2 Founders Roman and Josh don't have ANY post about Rizz.app or their story. Third Founder -> Blake, gave an interview where we've found some cool info. But mainly we just have researched some non obvious sources, So let's begin!

What's a rizz app?

Rizz is an AI-powered dating app that generates pickup lines, responses, and decodes screenshots
App's screenshots

๐Ÿ”ฎ What we've found about its success

1. Co-founder Roman Khaves

He has an influencer marketing agency - with a network of 200M users - across Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter.
Agency description from Roman's Linkedin:
We understand how to create content that converts at unprecedented conversion rates using data we've collected across thousands of our clients' campaigns. Some of our clients include Kudzoo, Appetizer Mobile, Knock Knock (acq. by Tinder), Miss USA (owned by WME/IMG), The Q (featured on The Verge, Digiday, Adweek...), Sweeble (partnered with Kevin Harrington), Spinny Phone (Featured on Mashable), Geekin Radio, Mai Social, Flo Music.
In the last 6 years:
1] Pushed multiple apps to the very top of the App Store
2] We drove over 15M users to our clients' apps
3] Helped multiple clients raise VC due to our ability to acquire users at scale
4] Helped a number of our clients get featured on various blogs
5] Placed dozens of apps in the App Store's search trending list
6] Created several trending topics on Twitter
So yea, it's not just Launch of the app. It's a lot of backgound behind

2. Co-founder Josh Miler

He is a genius CTO. He worked as a Senior Developer @ Twitch, made a lot of apps y etc.
We don't know how they met, but their first project is started in 2014 - SnapQu
24/7 on-demand math homework help mobile application Hit #4 Top Paid Education App in the USA ($4.99 in the iOS Store) Over 60,000 paid downloads
Then they started to work together on Social Reachly - Influencer marketing agency

Growth - Marketing

For the growth it is: tik-tok & Instagram mainly. They do influencing marketing & Paid ads

1. Unethical Marketing, feeding insecurities in men. Paid ads in fb + tiktok

They run fb ads, which catch attention from insecurity men
620 Ads

2. Influencing Marketing

We've released an app on tiktok and it went quite well, but then weโ€™ve found a crazy niche โ€œrizz contentโ€, where people demonstrate how cool there are in talking with girls. I hit up to this faceless accounts, two 50$ promos and overnight we exploded. 200.000 downloads in about 5 days. $80K MRR of the jump. from the 100$
Founder avatar
Blake AndersonFounder
This Quote is from his Interview (link with a timecode) Where he was asked about how they grew Rizz.App.
But let's dive deeper?
Tiktok faceless example
Tiktok faceless example 2
Instagram faceless example 3

3. Why people use their invite link? Another Non Ethical Marketing strategy

Because of this one:

The weekly plan is 8$, it's expensive. People starting to share the link to get free rizz. Viral loop. it's not ethical. They force users to share the app

4. Also PR marketing

But we don't have a lot of info here

Competitors Growth strategy (yes we've found their tweets)

ASO Growth (Shady strategies again)

Their websire stats traffic:

Their aso stats:

Sources and links

That's it!
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