Locket Widget: $200K MRR & 1M Downloads. Live photos from your best friends, right to your Home Screen

18 Apr 2024
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Locket Widget
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Locket is a widget that sits on your home screen. After you connect with up to five friends, they can send you pictures. But instead of arriving in iMessages or Snapchat, they simply appear on your screen like a little surprise

👀 How was the idea born?

Moss originally built Locket for his girlfriend. He put it live in the App Store on New Year’s Day, and after a walkthrough of the UI went viral on TikTok, Locket shot up the charts in the App Store

Locket, he admits, was originally a personal side project — not his main focus.

Locket Widgets are basically little pieces of software that run on your home screen, displaying bite-sized information without forcing you to open an actual application. Weather widgets display the current temperature and conditions, and stock widgets can show you your portfolio.

🧑‍💻 Building

The developer build the app over a week or two and ended up using it with his girlfriend fairly extensively over the past six months, sending each other an average of five photos per day. As Locket also stores the photos sent and received in its history section, the app became a fun way to look back on their photos, as well.

Couple’s friends started taking notice and asked if they could use it with their own significant others, family or friends. So Moss decided to make Locket publicly available to users on the App Store.

The app launched on New Year’s Day, and has now seen more than 2 million users sign up as of this morning. On Sunday, Locket became the No. 1 app overall on the U.S. App Store, per Apptopia’s app store data, and had become the No. 1 Social Networking app the day prior. Apptopia reports only seeing around 1 million global installs so far, with about 31% from the U.S. — but its data is only through yesterday