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4 June 2024

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$7KMarch Revenue
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Framer + Next.js, CloudFrontTech stack
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We don't use AI to write articles
All our content is created manually, without using AI to write it (we use it rarely only for grammar corrections). In an era of exponentially increasing useless information, we will stand out by creating high-quality and valuable knowledge
StartingYou only need 1000 fans, not millions

📖 Founder's background

I ran a web development agency for 10 years, by the end I had a small team of 10. Over time we built great connections who kept giving us referral work. After 10 years as a solo founder, I was already tired of being responsible for everything. I wanted to do bigger projects, at this point we had building web and mobile apps for small businesses.
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We were lucky to be acqui-hired by an enterprise AI consulting for about 3 years. And it was super big company, it was so much time to work, so I decided to quit and got a sabbatical year and I started to build my own products.

💎 How did you find a business partner?

My cofounder was working with me, in my first software agency, so we have already worked together. After closing the agency we were in touch. And yea, that’s how we started after 3 years
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👀 How was the idea born?

My co-founder and I are both builders. We started building product in 20-21 year, inspired by an idea of 12 product in 12 months, decided to do some saas, we've build 3 different products. Our first project was a motivational tool; we had 70 emails on the waitlist, but after one month of building it, we completely gave up. Our second project was a dashboard to track Twitter growth. It was hard to build and not fun, also it was suuuper difficult to sell, so we stopped working on it. And the third project was also unsuccessful.
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So, I was hiring before, a lot of times. In the past It was like 2-3 people a year, slow hiring. We knew that Saas is super useful in this process, and HR/Founders/Agencies use these tools. This is a huge problem, companies receive hundreds of CV and it’s complicated to manage that all. In just 15 mins it can be 200+ applicants. It’s so overwhelming. So we had validated the idea of a video capture tool to collect screening responses back in Feb ’22 with a landing page. Since both of us were busy with freelance projects, we only started building Hirevire full time in August of ’22
I started to DM everyone in the HR world, but many people rejected me. Especially from HR agencies, I often heard, 'You know this already exists, we've tried it and it didn't work.' We also tried Reddit, and we got roasted there, not by HR professionals but by job seekers
StartingProduct building curve
We got a lot of rejections, but at the same time we had seen a lot of competitors doing big money. That kept us going and we had found insane opportunity
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Build, launch, and validate the product—iterate if there's no demand. It's always better to have profitable competitors

🚀 From 0 to 1

Hirevire would be a tool to collect screening responses from candidates. We built the MVP and then crickets. We tried fb/google/linkedin ads, reddit/twitter/linkedin posts. Some cold DMs on Linkedin, and some cold emails. But not one person signed up. 🦗 
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I read a post on IndieHackers about Appsumo and decided to Apply. Appsumo has been the only consistent source of traffic and revenue for our project as of now. It's helped a lot, so I decided to explain everything I learned running my AppSumo Marketplace Deal:
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