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1 May 2024
$8K MRRRevenue MRR
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👀 First saas

I started working on my first indie SaaS product. It was called MDX.one at that time. It did get some revenue, but not enough to sustain me for the future. I got it to around $300 MRR I think. 25 paying customers and more than 1k free users.

Then I had to shut down that product because the hosting costs became super huge (several thousand dollars per month). So, I stopped signing up new users and tried to find a solution to reduce the costs.

Then I spent 3 months figuring out a solution to this hosting problem and built a product called useNotionCMS.com

🚀 Feather.so start and Revenue

I have also started building v2 of MDX.one now that I figured out how to reduce my hosting bills. The new product became so different from mdx.one, that I decided to rebrand and relaunch it as a completely new product. That product later became Feather.

Feather was getting very good traction right from day one.

$0 -> $1k (in 3 months)

$1k -> $2k (in 4.5 months)

$2k -> $3k (in 1 month)

$3k -> $4k (in 3 weeks)

and $8k MRR for now

This was unbelievable for me to witness. I was already making way more than I did when I was working as a full-time software developer in my country. It's almost equivalent to double my salary. It only took a little over 9 months to get to this MRR since the launch.

💰 Statistics on time to get $1M ARR

🤯 Dark side: Maintaining costs

Several k