How igolaizola Makes $3K/Month Selling AI Images on Stock Marketplaces

20 May 2024

Exclusive interview

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👀 How did you start?

I first created bulkai (Bulk image generation) to generate pictures to create a card game for my kids.
> I have always loved working on side projects. 2023 has been particularly special. I created a few open-source projects related to AI and automation that together reached 200 stars, a significant increase from my usual 0 to 5.
This success led people to contact me with questions and feature requests. I made some valuable contacts through this and shared great ideas with others around the world.

> Inspired by one of these ideas, I decided to create automation tools that could generate passive income. I was skeptical at first, only pursuing it because I enjoy developing such things. Surprisingly, it ended up generating much more income than I anticipated.

> This experience has motivated me to continue #indiehacking and investing some of my free time in side projects. I'm always looking for things that I enjoy, but now I'm also exploring this newfound opportunity for additional income.

📖 What are the main places to sell AI stocks? Which one works better?

There are many stock image stores, but only a few accept AI content. Here are the three stores I have worked with:

  • Adobe Store: It is by far the best in terms of functionality and payment.
  • 123rf: It works decently, but the payout is quite low compared to Adobe.
  • Freepik: Nice functionality, but the payout is by far the worst

🔮 What's your 3 skills which give you insane advantage?

1. I have very high technical skills, which make me efficient enough to work on side projects despite having a time-constrained life (9-5 job, family, kids, etc.)

2. I apply lateral thinking to overcome problems and issues, which helps greatly in avoiding development roadblocks.

3. I'm organized and methodical. I invest time in keeping records and taking notes, which are invaluable when I need to bootstrap new projects or solve problems. I have a huge personal database of source code and guides that I can reuse.